sobotkaDear delegates, dear guests,

Welcome to beautiful Prague!

The Czech Republic is interested to serve as one of the bridges between China and Europe and to help build strategic partnership between China and CEEC. Furthermore, I am very happy, that our mutual bilateral and multilateral relations are based not only on business and investment opportunities, but maybe more on shared respect, trust and reliability.

Important part of our successful relations are cultural, student and scientific exchanges. Thus, the best way, how to celebrate our collaboration, is upcoming Health minister meeting between China and CEEC.

The government of the Czech Republic puts great emphasis on the promotion of medical and spa tourism, on the broadening collaboration in science and technologies and on direct cooperation between health facilities, hospitals and health professionals.

That is, why I am looking forward to meeting all the guests of the Health minister meeting 2015. I am certain that from our discussions will benefit patients, scientists, students, health professionals and entrepreneurs in China and CEE countries as well. It is also my great honor to serve as your host during this event.

Bohuslav SOBOTKA
Prime minister of the Czech Republic





li_binDear Ministers, dear delegates,

It is our great honor to have your presence on the 2015 China-Central and Eastern European Countries (CEE) Health Ministers Meeting, which is going to be held on 15-17 June 2015 in Prague, the Czech Republic. The People’s Republic of China and CEE countries have built a profound traditional relationship in the past decades. China always believes that CEE countries are reliable and trustworthy friends. In recently years, the mutual political trust between China and CEE countries is deepening, the economic and trade collaboration keeps a steady-state-growth, the cross-cultural exchange is boosting dynamically and the pragmatic cooperation is under progressive expanding as well.

Health is an important area for China-CEE countries cooperation. During the forthcoming Health Ministers Meeting, the delegates from China and CEE countries will have a good platform to launch heated discussions and in-depth exchange, focusing on such themes as health system reform, public health, clinical skills, traditional medicines and health industry cooperation. I do believe that this event will further expand our cooperative space and create a new opportunity for China-CEE countries collaboration.

I am looking forward to meeting you in the beautiful Prague!

LI Bin
National Health and Family Planning Commission
The People’s Republic of China





nemecekDear delegates, friends and colleagues,

It is my pleasure to invite you to the first Health Ministers Meeting between China and CEEC. We are proud and happy that we have the opportunity to bring the good relations between the Czech Republic and China in the area of health yet another step forward during this event.

The recent months have been filled with a remarkable development in our bilateral and multilateral collaboration. What is more, political agenda and formal negotiations almost immediately resulted in concrete cooperation activities and new partnerships were formed between Czech, CEEC and Chinese healthcare institutions. Furthermore, our friendships also spread to areas of public health, sharing of know-how, business collaboration, export of our European products to China and Chinese investment into CEEC.

Thus, we hope that many more partnerships and events of similar nature will be formed in the near future.

Although the Czech Republic is rather a small European country, its medicine and health care rank among the best in the world and we are honoured to offer our expertise to our colleagues. We are a world-level leader in the fields of pediatric medicine, oncology, immunology and more. Furthermore, we have an extensive and valuable experience in the areas of public health delivery, vaccination programs, preventive care, the development of hospitals, their medical technologies and equipment. Likewise, our spa facilities offer both excellent medical care and rehabilitation thanks to a combination of modern and traditional techniques as well as exclusive relaxation from everyday stress.

The Czech health care prides itself with excellent medical experts who are keen on cooperation with their partners and on exchange of knowledge and experience both in clinical medicine as well as in scientific research and development. Additionally, our medical faculties offer students from all over the world the opportunity to study medicine, biochemistry or biomedical engineering in English.

In terms of commercial relations, we can build on the existing achievement of the Czech medical and technological companies that export goods into theChinese market and yet extend our commercial cooperation in the field of health care with the ambition of bringing the most promising medicinal products and scientific advances to the Chinese patients.

I believe that multilateral cooperation between the Central and European Countries and the People’s Republic of China in the health care sector will be of value for both regions. The Czech Ministry of Health grants its highest commitment to foster our success

Yours faithfully,

Svatopluk NĚMEČEK
Minister of Health of the Czech Republic



Jaroslav_Tvrdik_2009_1-mensiDear friends from China and the countries of Central and Eastern Europe,

on behalf of the entire international organising committee, allow me to extend my warmest welcome in the Czech Republic to you. The summit is held in accordance with the Belgrade Guidelines for Cooperation between China and Central and Eastern European Countries, adopted by Heads of Governments in Belgrade.

The ministries of health of the Czech Republic and the People’s Republic of China have a Memorandum of Strategic Partnership, which is the result of longterm, intensive, and mutually beneficial cooperation in healthcare.

The Czech Republic and China have already held several bilateral summits; there is cooperation not only between the ministries of health but also between hospitals and medical facilities, doctors, scientists, teachers, and entrepreneurs. We feel honoured to share concrete results and projects with you, and search for new possibilities of deepening them within the “16 plus 1” group.

We are delighted to present to you one of the treasures of Chinese history, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), which will be illustrated in concrete examples at the exhibition. At the occasion of this summit, the first TCM clinic will open in Hradec Králové and the contractual basis for a science and research centre for CEEC will be created.

One project which is not only related to healthcare but also cultural understanding between our countries, is the stay of 80 Chinese children from Shanghai and Tianjin in Czech climatic spas.

We are very pleased to welcome you in the Czech Republic and we believe that the expert talks in the summit itself, as well as the additional program of the event will fulfil your expectations, so that you will come back to Prague with pleasure.

Kind regards,

Jaroslav TVRDÍK
Czech China Chamber of Collaboration