Delegations Come to HMM in Prague for Top-level Talks

Delegations Come to HMM in Prague for Top-level Talks

The high level of this summit of health ministers from the countries of Central and Eastern Europe (CEEC) and People’s Republic of China, the Health Ministers Meeting 2015 (HMM), is reflected in the importance and size of the delegations sent by the participating countries to Prague.


The Czech Republic and PRC have a very advanced level of cooperation in the field of healthcare, which is the main theme of the HMM summit, and they consider these ties and the event itself to be of the utmost importance. It represents the peak of mutual cooperation not only between the Czech Republic and the PRC, but also between the PRC and CEEC this year. Given the significance of this event, the Czech Republic will receive a large delegation led by the Vice-Chairperson of the State Council of People’s Republic of China, Mrs. Liu Yandong, accompanied by the Minister of Health Li Bin. The Director-General of the UN World Health Organisation (WHO) Mrs. Margaret Chan has also graciously accepted the invitation to the HMM.

Participation at the HMM has been confirmed by twelve countries of Central and Eastern Europe, of which Lithuania, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and Slovenia will be represented on the Ministers of Health level; Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia and Poland on the level of the Health Ministers’ Deputies.

A number of Ministries and government administrations report directly to the State Council of PRC headed by Mrs. Liu Yandong. They include the National Health and Family Planning Commission (Ministry of Health), Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Culture or the National Tourism Administration, and a number of other ministries.

The Chinese delegation comprises the Directors General of Health Bureaus from fourteen Chinese provinces, representatives from thirteen central administration offices reporting to the Ministry of Health of PRC, and leading doctors and scientists from various areas of expertise.

Special attention is also given to business cooperation in healthcare and pharmacy. To that end, over 30 prominent Chinese healthcare businesses are joining talks in two special-focus panels. In total, the Chinese delegation to HMM will surpass 230 members. There will also be important investors in healthcare from CEEC countries, also the current top-level Chinese investors in the Czech Republic, including CEFC China, Bank of China or Fosun Shanghai.