Prague Hosts the Health Ministers Meeting as Part of Cooperation between CEEC and China

Prague Hosts the Health Ministers Meeting as Part of Cooperation between CEEC and China

The heart of Europe, Czech Republic, and its capital city of Prague, play host to the summit of health ministers from sixteen Central and Eastern European Countries and China, titled Health Ministers Meeting 2015 (HMM).


HMM is one of the summit events held under the Guideline for Cooperation between China and Central and Eastern European Countries (CEEC), adopted by Prime Ministers from CEEC and PRC at their Belgrade summit in December 2014. This Guideline extends the previous Warsaw Initiative and the Bucharest Guideline, which became the building stones of cooperation between CEEC and China.

The Czech Republic has been part of this cooperation, realized as part of the “16+1” group, since its very beginning. In many areas, the Czech Republic is the leader and the driving force of the advancement of cooperation. Healthcare is one of these areas.

Already since 2012 there has been extensive cooperation between the Czech Republic and PRC in the healthcare sector. The result of intense communication in the field of healthcare between the two countries came in October last year with the signing of an important memorandum of strategic partnership between the Czech and Chinese Ministries of Health.

Seeing the progress in healthcare the two countries have already achieved, it is logical to hold the first summit on collaboration in healthcare within the “16 + 1” group in the heart of Europe, the Czech Republic.

Concrete results of the collaboration will be presented at the HMM. The event will also be an occasion to deepen the collaboration in order to reach other specific goals, create new friendly ties, and hold numerous bilateral talks – all in the diplomatic sphere, as well as on the part of trade delegations.

One of the most outstanding examples of the collaboration within the “16 + 1” group in healthcare will be the opening of the first clinic of traditional Chinese medicine among the CEEC countries in the University Hospital Hradec Králové.