Czech-China cooperation in health has a great start and promising future

Czech-China cooperation in health has a great start and promising future

Czech Minister of Health Mr. Svatopluk Nemecek paid a visit to China on 16 – 22 June 2014 accompanied by Czech representatives from the Ministry of Health, Health Professionals, Scientists and top entrepreneurs from the healthcare industry. The main purpose of the unprecedented Czech health mission to China was to attended the 2. Czech-China Health Forum. It is not being dispute that the visit laid a new milestone in mutual ncooperation in the field of Public Health, applied Research or export of hi-tech medical products, technologies and equipments.


Minister Mr. Nemecek together with the Head of the National Health and Family Planning Committee (NHFPC) Mrs. Li Bin likewise agreed to promote medical tourism development. One of the opportunity might be receiving Chinese children in famous spa resorts in the Czech Republic. Young private patients can be recovering in the Czech legendary springs. However, a part of this traditional area private patients can be offered top care in many renowned Health Care Centers across the country. Significant breakthrough in patients incoming would obviously represent mutual recognition of diplomas and health insurance assuming both systems could manage to be synchronized.

During his stay in Beijing Czech Minister attended the opening ceremony of the Czech Biomedical laboratory which belongs to Sotio China a.s. which is leading research in cell therapy of cancer. Meanwhile, representatives of the Czech companies held a B2B meeting with Chinese SOE Sinopharm seeking for topics of mutual cooperation.

Culmination of the mission came in the end when the high official of the Czech Ministry of Health and NHFPC, representatives of major hospitals and research centers from both countries attended the aforementioned two-day Czech-Chinese healthcare summit in Tianjin. Both sides delivered presentations on their healthcare system, shared information about health insurance and education respectively and tried to identify challenges that could be handled together.

Minister Nemecek’s has visit undoubtedly contributed to the significant expansion of institutional cooperation and opened the gate for the Czech know-how and hi-tech products flow to China. Some of the companies already signed MOU which is supposed to bring them contracts worth more than $ 1 billion in the years to come. Representatives of the Czech State Institute for Drug Control had a fruitful discussion about the possibilities of importing generics from China what would slightly improve the access to cheaper medicines for Czech patients.

The Chinese side also expressed great interest and hope that the Czech Republic might become a gateway of the traditional Chinese medicine to Central and Eastern Europe. This topic will be approached again during the Health Summit 16 + 1 (representatives of PRC and 16 countries of Central and Eastern Europe) to be held in the Czech Republic in 2015. This warm approach is given not only by the excellent level of the Public Health Care in the Czech Republic but results from the open mindset towards new treatment methods typical for Czechs. It is not the coincidence that first clinic of traditional Chinese medicine in Central Europe will be opened shortly within the University Hospital in Hradec Kralove and will invite doctors from Chinese TCM hospitals to provide the TCM trainings.

Embassy of the Czech Republic in China, 2. 7. 2014